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About Me

If you have message to communicate to an audience, I can help you do that. From understanding their expectations, to message creation, to delivery. One part writer and one part technologist, I will help you reach that audience wherever they happen to be.


I pride myself on being able to take a message and transform it into whatever form is most appropriate for its intended audience. Given my skillset, this usually involves web technologies in some form, but I am equally comfortable with social media and print distribution.

Job Criteria

Who: I find that I work best in smaller teams, but I am not afraid of being part of a larger organization.

What: At this time, I am primarily looking at organizations that do work in the Education, Finance, and Non-Profit fields. However, I will consider any opportunity that allows me to "get my hands dirty" using technology to engage with an audience through effective messaging.

Where: New York Metro area with a radius of 40 miles from home. Should be commutable via public transit.

Wish List

An organization that does these things will have my attention should the right opportunity present itself.

Selected Work

First and foremost, I think of myself as a writer. Here are a few pieces I have done to illustrate my style. The first two are reaction papers from graduate courses, the last is one of the responses I wrote for my Comprehensive Exam.

Coding projects I am working on can be found on GitHub.

If you're looking for a resume, it can be found here.

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